Welcome to Stitching Kitchen!


Hello and welcome to the Stitching Kitchen website.  Whether you have found me via an online route or because we have met in person thank you for joining me and please do feel free to contact me with questions, comments and do share the love, it really helps the business.


Stitching Kitchen as a business started in the autumn of 2017. 


Briefly the background: after a tricky few years I had battled with my mental health, I went through a difficult marriage breakdown and also needed to support my girls with their emotions as they to adapting to a new family dynamic. 


I had been lucky enough to have a great friend who encouraged me to visit an embroiderers guild meeting with her.  That was a huge turning point, I was hooked, re-engaged with my creativity, found I had a lust to learn and fingers itchy to make.  The meditative nature of stitch helped to calm my mind and gave me the space to process and express my emotions. 


I met a whole host of talented, warm and caring people through Embroiderers Guild and I experienced the benefits of stitching in company.  I learnt new techniques, shared fabric, threads, needles and got some fabulous tips.  Inspiration was everywhere but on top of all of that, people shared their life experiences with me as we stitched.   Wow aren’t humans are amazing?  We can deal with a whole host of difficulties and come through the other side, that realisation supported me through the bad days and gave me a reason to keep on keeping on. 


As my life settled I found that my long standing part time office job was no longer serving my needs, maybe I could make some money from my making?  I stitched in the kitchen, that sounded like a suitable Etsy shop name and off I went…. BUT quite quickly it became very evident that the part I really loved was sharing the experience I had had over the preceding few years. 


I believe what I offer is unique, Stitching Kitchen is not only my home studio but is also a place where you can come and craft with me and others.  Whether you visit for social stitch or to learn and experience something a little different at a workshop you will find a warm welcome!  Stitching Kitchen is inclusive, open and accepting of all, free of judgement and full of encouragement.  You can chat or remain quiet, you can share or just soak up the atmosphere.  Oh and there is always teas, coffee (including decaf) and homemade cake. 


But if you can’t make it to Brackley no need to panic, Stitching Kitchen is also able to offer the same workshops at your home, craft club, WI, stitch group, guild or society.  I can tailor workshops to suit your meeting, to celebrate a birthday or just spend time with friends and family.


I hope you enjoy exploring the website and find some inspiration, and do drop me a message if you have any questions.


Sending love


Hannah x 

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