It was an eagerly anticipated event, lots of concern about whether or not the organisers would be able to go ahead with the covid19 rules constantly changing in the months running up to July.  But I was so pleased that they did, it was the first real exhibition / event to happen in the UK post corona virus lockdowns and as such the organisers had an enormous task on their hands.

For a while now I have been meaning to share with you my favourite crafty podcasts which I listen to while driving about and stitching.  But before I do that let me tell you about the last week and bucket hats! 

Today I went out to see a textile art exhibition!  I am so pleased to see stitch in real life, no matter how much digital photographs can capture it is not a patch on the real thing. 

So here we are a year into the Covid-19 crisis, here in the UK we are still locked down, unable to meet friends and family and unable to hug.  Above all this, as you can imagine, I am missing running real workshops and social stitch sessions at Stitching Kitchen.

I have really appreicated having the extra time at home which lockdown has given us all this year.  As part of this I was actually a few weeks ahead with my journal quilts but still it takes me until the deadline of 31st August to share them with you and the wider sewing and textiles community.  So here are the next four fantastic beast themed journal quilts all using recycled materials.  

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