Tempest update - what we created last week

An update on what 'washed up' at Stitching Kitchen

raw materials

This wasn't what I had in mind when Fiona said the material for the quilt blocks was to be dropped off during the week! Lots of plastics - they type of materials which might find there way to be washed up on the shoreline. Ah, I see where this might be going - an island, make do and mend, recycle, keep plastics out of the ocean.... get my drift??

It also turned out that my pals at Oxford Embroiderers Guild were also involved with the project and at a loss as to what to do with this plastic fabric.

The lovely lady who dropped the goodies off let me know that the https://www.creationtheatre.co.uk interactive open air performance of The Tempest would include a visit to Prospero and Mirandas shack, which was to be furnished with these random fabrics - a quilt, perhaps some cushions, maybe a teddy bear - EEK!

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Symmetry, Mirror Images, Silhouettes and Quilts

Learning more applique techniques for Quilting

As I am sure you know, I love to stitch and to express myself in fabric and thread but sometimes this can be a lonely craft. When I created Stitching Kitchen a year ago I knew I wanted to create income from my stitching but I was also very clear that I wouldn’t become a solitary being, shut up in my kitchen stitching away. That is the core reason behind the Friday morning social stitch and the workshops – and long may they continue, I love hosting both. But sometimes it is nice to stitch in company without having to worry about making sure my guests are OK!! My old embroiderers guild branch had occasional stitch days which I loved to attend because I had company and I learnt a lot from the fellow stitchers, that is why back in January of this year I attended “Sutton Stitchers”

The ladies in the group are friendly knowledgeable and happy to help, as most crafters are. The group meets on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month and you can simply turn up and pay for either the morning session or all day. The hall is filled with some very experienced quilters and talented embroiderers. There is also often the click of knitting needles to be heard. If you live anywhere near Kings Sutton [OX17] then you can find out more from Carole Hill on Tel: 01295 811 134. Every now and then the group also run workshops alongside the normal Saturday session. Recently I attended my first of these, a great workshop to enhance my growing quilting skills.

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Quilting the next steps

Using special fabrics to quilt, Indonesian batik and memory quilt


After spending two days at Nimble Thimble and feeling much more confident in my 1/4 inch seams and nesting those seams it was time for me to fly solo, there are so many quilting patterns, the one I did at Nimble Thimble was a Nine Patch, and I have been watching plenty of you tube on half square triangles

I had some very beautiful Indonesian batik fabric which I bought at last year’s world textile event in Kings Sutton. A weekend free and it was time to make a start and see if I could improve on my last try at the half square triangle.

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Quilting and Patchwork haven

Nimble Thimble Buckingham my new crush


I am in awe of this wonderful haven of Quilting loveliness … such a wide range of quilting cottons, everywhere you look something will catch your eye. But that is not all, Nimble Thimble also stocks a wide range of yarns keeping knitters and crochet queens satisfied too. I popped by before Christmas and discovered that they have a visiting sewing machine repair and service guy who is more than happy to take on the challenge with older machines so I have somewhere to go if Betsy has a wobble! They also offer courses, workshops and social stitch sessions too!

Not having much experience in quilting and patchwork and with some rather off centre half square triangles on a recent cushion it was clear I needed to update my skills. The Nimble Thimble in Buckingham have a range of quilting workshops and courses, I chose a beginners 9 patch and booked on!

I raided my stash and came up with a range of cottons and poly-cottons which I felt offered a reasonable selection to make my quilt from, ½ meter of this, a meter of that and a fat quarter together with Wadding and a walking foot borrowed from mum and my requirements list was complete. I put the sewing machine in the car and I was off, getting there early and bagging a spot in the staff car park!!! I was nervous, accuracy and stitching straight lines is outside of my normal remit but I needn’t have worried. With a cup of tea and Val’s slow, clear instruction, and ongoing support we were off. I have to confess to being somewhat cavalier normally with my rotary cutter but having a safety briefing and instructions to cover the blade every time you stop to move fabric has made me more mindful of the very sharp blade.

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