Developing my creative practice

New creative plans for 2019


To begin a new year with new intention is always a good thing yes? I resolved to aim to enter the embroiderers guild members challenges and competitions and also to get more involved in the quilters guild. Both of these organisations are important to me as they fuel my creativity and give me the opportunity to exhibit both nationally and internationally.

Taking Indian Block Printing to a new level 

Indian block printing on anything which stands still, skirts, tops, bags, tea towels and some fabric destined for a quilt too.

circular ibp

This week has been half term, so a great opportunity to run some daytime workshops while my lovely girls are away camping (poor things it is raining cats and dogs). I have recently acquired a summer skirt which after a few alterations will fit my little one – it is plain white so not idea for an active five year old but as she loves wearing her block printed t-shirt she has agreed that I can block print the skirt for her.

A new Betsy – welcoming Bernard to the Stitching Kitchen

A big decision, a big purchase, a big excitement


At the end of March I was frantically stitching, finishing my boundaries quilt for the 1st April deadline. Then I made my first visit to ……the Bramble Patch. That is kind of how this story starts.

I make this sound like it all happened by chance but this was a pre-meditated purchase. February and March have been tough emotionally for me, my depression was back, days with no energy, having to rest so I have enough left to look after the kids – not much left for me. The vicious cycle of not getting to the gym therefore lacking energy and increasing depression symptoms was well ingrained. I found some solace in chocolate (as usual) but also in spending money – not so usual.

Christening Gown Commission

The ultimate up-cycle, wedding dress to christening gown


It was last autumn just after I decided to launch Stitching Kitchen that my youngest sister asked if I could create a christening gown for my nephew from her wedding dress. Of course I said yes! The idea of upcycling such an important garment to create a new heirloom to be passed on was just perfect for me.

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