Needle Felting Fun

Little creatures surround me, each with their own character


It all started when I was asked if I could to help one of my favourite quilting shops with a customer enquiry about needle felting. 'Do do you know how to needlefelt?' they asked. 'Yes' I replied and I was all ready to give some advice to their customer. At this point I should mention that my needlefelting experience had been mainly 2D and also I had used the technique to add texture to my textile art embroideries. But then it transpired that actually they wanted me to help the lady with three dimensional felted animal creations.


snailWell this sounded fun, how hard could it be? Could I make a workshop from this. I consulted YouTube got hold of some roving one of my needle felting needles and a sponge pad to protect me and my table and set to work a miniature highland cow. I had no pattern or much of a plan but having had a highland cow on our small holding when I was a child I knew a bit about how one looks! Before long I had a little creature on my knee how had a character all her own and I was pleased. Before I knew it I had felted an owl, a whale and squirrel and a robin I was getting the hang of this! A workshop would be fun, so with the Nimble Thimble ladies we planned a day in April for the first session.

I am always filled with a sense of what if, maybe it is my personality or just because Stitching Kitchen is still in its infantcy. I visited a craft trade show and speaking to Needle felt kit suppliers I realised there was a market for this and you don’t need too much equipment. Plenty of the kit suppliers could sell me workshop kits but I realised that pre-buying kits was not going to save me much time and money and that wouldn't fit with my teaching style. I knew I could ensure my students could make something on the day, maybe a couple of pieces and I wanted to allow everyone to be creative, if they so wished, so kits were not going to work for me. I typed up work instructions for five of my creations and last weekend I delivered the first needle felting workshop.

workshop results

Here is what the students created. Everyone made at least two creatures, we all had a needle felting injury (a stabbed finger is a right of passage I feel) and one young lady used a fair few plasters! We all started work on a bird, forming the basic shape and then adding to it with wings, a head, feet. One little robin was standing tall so needed a twig to sit on, it was great fun! In the afternoon a couple of snails were felted into existence and two of the guests developed their own animals without an example to follow, a whole family of hedgehogs grew along with a bright pink snake - a fun time was had by all and thanks to the supply of tea and biscuits from Sara we all achieved a lot that day!