Needlefelting Birds in Bicester

Such a wonderful evening with great results, so kind of the Bicester Craft Club to invite me to lead this workshop.


Imagine my surprise as I enjoyed the tranquillity of the Scottish borders last august and received a phone call from the lovely Jill who organises the Bicester Craft Club - could I come and teach their group needle felting. I explained what my normal class is like and my usual 3 hours and limit to around 8 people, she wondered if I might be able to teach 20 of them to make something within a 2 hour period! Of course I am sure I can work something out I said!

I decided the best thing to do was to create a simple process to follow to allow all the the crafters to make a bird in the two hour period. My typical class is more free flowing and everyone learns the way to make a creature of their choice.



Jill and Carol were keen on the idea of creating a bird. I agreed that a simple bird would be achievable in the time allowed and worked with my collection of different wool roving and found that using a native breed wool would allow us to quickly form the right shape without needing to work in core wool and then cover it. I created mini kits to take on the night so everyone had the supplies they needed, base colour Corriedale wool roving, accent colours in merino wool roving, a felting needle and foam base.


I arrived to meet Jill and Carol the room was set up with several round tables, perfect to circulate around to help each crafter. Everyone had a mini kit and a sponge pad, once I had described how to form a ball and start the poking, stabbing or needleing the ladies and gentleman got underway with their robins and blue tits. After around an hour it was time for a cuppa and an orderly cue formed for tea and biscuits were served on each table. We all finished after the two hours. A couple of the birds needed a little extra shape to come to life and so I was able to give some hints and tips and some hands on help too. It was a pleasure to see how the group helped each other out, when one had grasped the skills quickly she was happy to help others who were finding it more of a challenge.


To create these little birds you begin with forming a ball, then working the needle into the back to reduce the ball to a more egg shape. Then work on the throat area and the tail to form a bird shape. Next add the colours in merino depending on the breed and finally add a beak. Some of the crafters did so well that they also formed separate wings and felted them on each side. To ensure the birds sit still creating a flat bottom by working the needle into the underside.


It was a most enjoyable evening, Bicester Craft club are a lovely lot and very welcoming.

If you are interested in me visiting your craft group or if you would like to purchase a bird mini kit please do get in touch.