Wet Felting at Crafty Natters

A chance meeting resulting in a fun workshop not too far from Stitching Kitchen

I met with Sally at Sutton Stitchers - a group I visit when I can on a Saturday. Sally runs a crafting group in her village called Crafty Natters, there are some tallented stitchers who attend, including another couple of ladies who visit Sutton Stitchers. As this was my largest wet felting class to date i was filled with some intrepedation as running a class with complete strangers is always easier than with those you know!


fibre layout wet felting

Once I had set up and the formalities were over we got started. Initially I demonstrated the method of starting with a piece of wool batts and then layering the desired colours for the background. Working with wool as paint, building the colour gently from background to foreground. With wet felting it is a very organic process and so you have to be relaxed about the fibres moving, your finished piece will not look like the starting point!

Everyone created their image, some had a landscape or sea scape in mind. Others like the lady above wanted an abstract background to stitch into later. There were a couple of ladies who had wet felted before, they got stuck in and put some effort into the rolling and rubbing. The magic of warm water, a little soap and some friction turns fluff to a firm felt. It does take some effort and we had to adapt methods to suit everyone. There are no hard and fast rules and some people do felt firmer than others, for our purposes we were not making an item of clothing so dense firm felt was not needed, it was more important to have fun.

An experienced felter used this greetings card as inspiration for this seascape, she is going to stitch the boat onto the background and I can't wait to see how it turns out!

seascape at sunset crafty natters wet felt

After a restful lunch with the added excitement of retrieving one of the drying towels from the adjacent cow field we all decided that something a little more sedate was in order. I have recently been experimenting with creating wet felted flowers using a resist to create two distinct layers of petals. The ladies wanted to explore this more delicate felting technique so away we went with the bubble wrap. Susan who is pictured above created a beautiful pink flower, she is working the fibres into petals with the soap suds. Everyone enjoyed getting very colourful on their flowers, I know some will be made into broaches and hair clips but one of the rather large ones is going to be mounted into a box frame - it will look stunning on anyone's wall.

crafty natters results wet felting

The result of the day are all set out above. Wet felting is a great craft to do with friends, I love getting out and about so would be happy to visit you home or local craft or social group to run a creative project with you. Just get in touch and we can discuss details and potential dates.

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