Developing my creative practice

The beginning of a new year is a great opportunity to take stock and review creative practices.  I know I enjoy creating pieces for exhibition and that I need a deadline to keep me focused so this year I am going to take this a little further and have set myself the goal of completing a journal quilt (for the Quilters guild contempory quilters group) and a travelling book page (for the embroiderers guild). 


mosaicfeltTo begin a new year with new intention is always a good thing yes? I resolved to aim to enter the embroiderers guild members challenges and competitions and also to get more involved in the quilters guild. Both of these organisations are important to me as they fuel my creativity and give me the opportunity to exhibit both nationally and internationally.

I have already had some success and my work has been exibitied at the knit and stitch shows, at festival of quilts, at the NEC for Stitching for pleasure and an art quilt is currently touring europe with the European Quilt Association Boundaries exhibition. it is imporant to me to devleop my creative practice, I love textile art and find the process both fun and medidative, which is helpful for my mental wellbeing.

I will be opening the Stitching Kitchen for both Buckingham Art Weeks and South Northants Art Trail later this year so I need to ensure that I keep a creative balance, both in delivering new workshops and also in creating textile art.


This is a rather rambling explanation as to why this year I have committed to both the Embroiderers Guild and Contemporary Quilters Groups regular challenges.


For the embroiderers guild it is travelling books. I am no longer a member of a branch but do attend lectures at various branches but as such can be part of the guilds travelling books via the post project. For every piece I create and submit one is sent in return. I can use any inspiration source but I need to supply the finished piece and inspiration for the project. Both to be no more than A5 in size so that the recipient can mount the embroidery and inspiration in their own A5 book. The year began for me with a nasty cold virus so 5 days on the sofa allowed for 2 embroideries to be created, my reward was two pieces from other members which now act as inspiration for me.

The Contemporary Quilters run a Journal Quilt challenge, I have committed to creating 12 A4 sized quilts during 2019. There are guildlines as to techniques to use in each 4 month period but the inspiration is up to me. I have not yet embarked on quilt one and yes I am typing this at the end of January. But the thought process has already started. I am thinking about using the first one to test out an idea for a stately home with reverse applique used to form the windows and doors. I may document my 30 day clean eating and detox in the second quilt but I will let you know how both of these projects develop as the year progresses.

Manor House

Update: it is the beginning of April although I have done OK with the travelliang book pieces I am somewhat behind with the Journal Quilts. I am still intending to keep up with the challenges so I have to complete 4 journal quilts by the end of the month - eeek! The travelling books are less of an issue, I have completed 3 with another well on the way. Keep checking back for the updates on this ongoing project.


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