Tempest update - what we created last week

An update on what 'washed up' at Stitching Kitchen

This wasn't what I had in mind when Fiona said the material for the quilt blocks was to be dropped off during the week! Lots of plastics - they type of materials which might find there way to be washed up on the shoreline. Ah, I see where this might be going - an island, make do and mend, recycle, keep plastics out of the ocean.... get my drift??

It also turned out that my pals at Oxford Embroiderers Guild were also involved with the project and at a loss as to what to do with this plastic fabric.

The lovely lady who dropped the goodies off let me know that the https://www.creationtheatre.co.uk interactive open air performance of The Tempest would include a visit to Prospero and Mirandas shack, which was to be furnished with these random fabrics - a quilt, perhaps some cushions, maybe a teddy bear - EEK!


social stitchers in action

Lucky for me my wonderful social stitchers were up for the rather unusual challenge and got to it, forming cushions from the pre-cut patches and plaiting strips of the old bags and tarpaulins to create a door mat.

young girl sewing machine

Getting these slippy textures through the sewing machine was a challenge, particularly for our youngest member who only learnt to sew last year! We got there and in the end created two cushions, a rug and a rag doll too.

Mirandas doll

I am totally to blame for the rag doll, I found some plumbers insulation in a skip and thought it might well float across the ocean in a tempest - I also felt that the fruit net bags which I have been hoarding would make a rather delightful head of hair so this little lady developed during the first evening. She later gained an expression as you will see.

total made

So I have to give a huge thank you to the Stitching Kitchen Social Stitchers - Helen, Danielle T, Vee, Levi, Danielle C and Sam. We all agreed how wonderful it was to work on a project together and so we may well be planning some more social stitch events where we create for a community or charity project, keep in touch or pop along one Friday for Social Stitch to find out what we are up to. You can also sign up for updates from Stitching Kitchen using the form below.

plaited rug tempest

So if you would like to see our handiwork and these items as part of the set and performance then book your place at the upcoming performances of 'The Tempest' soon. Several performances are sold out already - the play runs from 19th July to 15th August and you can book your tickets at https://www.creationtheatre.co.uk/book-shows/ 

Maybe see you there!

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