Needlefelt in 3D

No previous experience is needed and with my help you will create your very own 3D animal or bird in just 3 hours. 

Free-motion machine embroidery for beginners

In this two-and-a-half-hour class we will cover the theory of free motion embroidery and how the machine set up differs from standard sewing.  Once you have your machine set up you will undertake some stitching exercises to get you started, practice makes perfect!

Paper-Making Workshop

What a treat: a chance to have a go at making your own paper, which, once dry, you can use in your crafting. You can make a book, use in your card making or stitch into it.

Needlefelt in 2D

Creating a picture in wool using a dry felting technique.  I will show you how to blend the wool fibres to create a pallet of colours for your picture and how to use the felting needle safely.

Make your own bunting

In this two-hour course you will learn how to make some rather special bunting to adorn your home.  We will cover all the sewing basics, following a pattern, cutting out fabric, pinning, stitching, trimming seams and turning corners, pressing and then stitching to a length of tape. 


I regularly run applique workshops as it is one of my favourite techniques in textile art construction and quilting.  Whether you come to an applique house workshop, seascape, landscape, applique cushion or even one of the simple hand stitch applique evenings the basic technique is the same.

examples of woven wall hangings


Weaving with a frame loom and a wide range of textured yarns and fabrics you can create a wall hanging in just three hours. 

Slow Stitching

Why not treat yourself to a day of gentle hand stitching in company.  The slow stitching courses at Stitching Kitchen are an ideal way achieve the self-care which is so hard to fit into our lives.

Wet Felting

Welcome to the fascinating alchemy that is wet felting.  Starting with wool fibres in a wide range of colours we will create a piece of felt – depending on the workshop it might be functional or purely decorative. 

Rag Rugs

When you come along to a rag rug workshop you will learn the basics of creating a rag rug in either looped or shaggy format on a hessian backing. 

Over the three hours you will cover which materials work best, how to prepare your fabrics, designing your rug or cushion and getting started. 


Learn a stitch or two, over two hours and several cups of tea I will show you how to do a few embroidery stitches of your choice.  Whether you are completely new to the craft or experienced and wanted to extend your stitch repertoire this course is for you. 

Indian Block Printing

During this two-hour session you will learn how to get the best possible print from the extensive collection of hand carved Indian Blocks I have in my workshop. 

I will provide plenty of blocks to get your imagination running, this is an easy craft and ideal for everyone young and old and for any reluctant crafters, it makes for a fun activity for a party or gathering.  You will print up a plain item or two to take home and I always have a wide range of textile paint to help you on the way. 

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