Needlefelt in 3D

No previous experience is needed and with my help you will create your very own 3D animal or bird in just 3 hours. 

You will learn how to felt using a barbed felting needle to tangle the wool fibres, we will use core wool to create the basic shape then using Corridale and Merino tops add the legs, wings and contouring and then the fine detail. 

With a cuppa and cake to refresh, you will find that over the three hours your tangle of wool will become a likeness of your chosen subject.  Everyone is encouraged to bring reference photographs if they have a creature in mind or you are welcome to follow my instructions to create something from the Stitching Kitchen library. 

I always keep a stock of felting needles and wool and can provide you with all the supplies you will need to continue this addictive hobby at home.


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