Weaving with a frame loom and a wide range of textured yarns and fabrics you can create a wall hanging in just three hours. 

During the workshop I will teach you how to warp up your loom and teach you a series of weaving stitching which will add interest and texture to your work. There are stacks of different colours of yarn and heaps of interesting textures for you to pick from. We will use Rya knots to create a tasselled edge to your work and finish on it by fixing a wooden stick all ready for hanging.

Tea and coffee is on tap and I am on hand to help you if choosing stitches and yarns is getting overwhelming. That said weaving is a strangely relaxing craft, any process which uses both hands and allows you to enter that state of flow is extremely healing, a great antidote to the stresses of our modern, busy lives. 

Although you cannot keep the loom you use during the workshop you are welcome to purchase one from the Stitching Kitchen shop.  I am a stockist for Hawthorne Handmade and I think their pop-up loom is just the bee’s knees, so easy to use and stows away flat so uses hardly any space when not in use.

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