Free-motion machine embroidery for beginners

In this two-and-a-half-hour class we will cover the theory of free motion embroidery and how the machine set up differs from standard sewing.  Once you have your machine set up you will undertake some stitching exercises to get you started, practice makes perfect!

You will need to bring along your own machine for this class, it must have the capability to drop the feed dogs (check your user manual as to how to do this) and you will need to have a free motion or quilting foot attached.

We will practice with different fabric stabilisation methods, hooping or using stitch and tear.  You may find your prefer one method over another.  

Once you have undertaken the practice exercises and had a cup of tea and some cake you can perhaps create a simple applique to take home – it might find its way onto a card or into a quilt who knows! 

All fabrics and threads included. 


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