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Social Stitch

young girl sewing machineBring along your current unfinished project or purchase a Stitching Kitchen kit - sew, chat, drink tea, eat cake.... what better way to spend a morning! I will be on hand to help - but everyone helps each other at Social Stitch. 

All forms of stitch are welcome - regular attendees include those who cross stitch, dress make, crochet, knit and do their mending!   Over the last three years the regular attendees at Social Stitch have become friends, lots of sewing and other advice circulates around the table.  At Christmas a secret Santa is organised where you can agree to handmake a gift for your recipient.  Occassional trips out are organised and I was thrilled when two ladies joined me at Festival of Quilts for a fabulous day out!   

Please book on using social stitch drop down on this menu.  In light of C19 I need to set up the room ready for everyone to stitch and keep a safe distance.  If you plan to come with friends who are in your social bubble you can sit closer - just let me know.    

£5 including tea and cake

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 Social Stitch runs most Fridays from 10am to 12:30 please book using this link 

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