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Welcome to Stitching Kitchen, I am pleased to say that now I am starting to feel just a little more optomistic.  I had my first jab last week and have plans to reopen for social stitch in May 2021 and then for workshops after my second jab in July 2021.   It has been wonderful to see some of you over zoom at the virtual social stitch sessions and to connect via social media sharing what you have been working on while we have all been locked down.  Feel free to tag #stitchingkitchen when you share anything you started with me and finished off recently.

While I am planning the Summer/Autumn program if you could register your interest in a future workshop via the workshop tab or drop me an email with your requests it would be a great help.  I am keeping busy with online demonstations and talks, take a look at the blog to find out more!   As always feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or just want to share your recent crafting stories.

Bye for now and I hope to see you soon

Hannah x



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Social Stitch

Every Friday, we run a craft group for like-minded stitchers to come and work on their projects. Social stitch is always great fun, and comes with tea and cake for while you work! Go to the Social Stitch page to book your place!

social stitch

During this covid-19 lockdown we are not able to come together with our stitching and enjoy a tea, cake and company.  So instead Stitching Kitchen brings you the online version via zoom.


social stitch fb post
Shorter than the in person version we are just on line for half an hour enough to catch up on how your stitching is going, a quick show and tell and time to enjoy your cuppa check in and ask 'how are you doing'. 


All forms of stitch are welcome - regular attendees include those who cross stitch, dress make, crochet, knit and do their mending!   


Drop me a line so I can let you know the signup details. I am running this most weeks unless life gets in the way!


£ Free of Charge



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