Rag Rug Chunky Hook


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Rag Rug Hook is the quickest and easiest tool to make loopy (hooked) rag rugs.

  1. A perfectly shaped hook. This is the most important feature of our Ragged Life Rug Hook. Our brass hook is deep enough to securely hold thick and fine fabrics, and angled just enough to make releasing the fabric easy once you’re through the hessian. This shape hook works well for fabrics such as blanket yarn, jersey, cotton, fleece, nylon and more. It widens the hole as you punch through the hessian, so that the hook doesn’t get caught on the other strands. Neat huh!
  2. The neck of the hook is the perfect size to use with our Ragged Life hessian. It stretches the hessian as you push through from the front to the back, so that the hook doesn’t get caught on neighbouring strands. This means you’ll be whizzing along in no time.
  3. A quality brass hook, which is sturdy, yet smooth. The smoothness of the brass means the hook glides through the hessian easily and doesn’t catch and snag on the fabric strips. This keeps both your hessian and fabric in tip top condition. Brass is not only beautiful, but also robust.
  4. A birch wooden handle with a super smooth finish. These handles feel lovely on the hand. It’s the same quality wood used in our Rag Rug Spring Tool.
  5. Our rug hook features a short neck, which means you don’t have to put as much through the hessian, giving you more control.


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