Rag Rug Starter Kit


Rag Rug Making starter kit – includes hessian, latch hook, 

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About this kit: 

Our classic Ragged Life “Introductory Rag Rug Kit” is perfect for anyone looking to try out rag rugging for the first time.

Here’s what is included:  

 Latch Hook  – the most basic tool to do the three main rag rug techniques – shaggy (proggy), short shaggy (our invented technique) and loopy (hooky). The latch hook is a little slower to work with than some of our other amazing rag rug tools (the Rag Rug Spring Tool or Rug Hook, for example), but does get the job done with a little patience and care.

– Rag Rug Gauge  – this is a time- and effort-saving tool to make cutting up your fabric pieces for shaggy and short shaggy rag rugging that little bit easier. Our wooden gauge cuts fabric pieces to approximately 7.5cm (which is the perfect length for rugs, cushions, wreaths and more). It has a wide, deep groove to prevent your fabric scissors getting blunted.

– Marker Pen – for sketching your design onto the hessian.

– 100 x 60cm Hemmed Rug Hessian – our hessian is the perfect weave for rag rugging (10 holes per inch) and is entirely pre-hemmed and prepared so you can start rag rugging straight away.

Rag Rug Techniques Booklet – includes step-by-step instructions and photos of how to do the shaggy, short shaggy and loopy rag rug techniques, as well as advice on spacing, troubleshooting and more.


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