Workshops for Children and Young People at Stitching Kitchen

teens enjoying the sewing studio

I wanted to provide an update on provision of workshops for children at Stitching Kitchen.

The business continually changes and we have seen huge growth in our retail offering this year to include craft kits, haberdashery and now fabric. As a result of this, we have people popping in and buying on a regular basis, we are so happy with this new direction and the new customers it brings to the studio.

My concern is that this will potentially take our attention away from your child and in turn, causes some issues with regard to safeguarding for young people. The doors are not locked, because we operate as a retail premises as well as a studio for workshops. It is no longer possible know everyone in the building while your children are with us during opening hours. Therefore it is not possible for us to safely run child focused workshops any longer.

That said we want to encourage crafting and sewing with our younger people and will from this point forward offer more in the way of kits, so you can craft at home. Older children aged 12 and upwards are welcome at any workshop.

We are able to offer private sessions and we can also arrange for crafty parties. Thank you for your continued support and interest, if you have any questions feel free to get in touch.