Flower Pounding at After School Club

young girl proudly holds up flower pounding with embroidery

Recently at after school club Sonia had the children investigating the art of flower pounding.  This craft is exactly what it sounds like, the process of transferring the natural pigments and colours of flowers and plants onto fabric or paper through the use of a hammer or mallet.

During the session fresh flowers and leaves are arranged on a fabric, then covered with another layer of material. The flower sandwich is then subjected to gentle pounding.  The force of the hammer helps release the pigments from the flowers and leaves, which then transfer onto the fabric.  The children achieved some great results with beautiful prints on fabric which were then stitched into. 

Flower pounding is a form of eco-printing or natural dyeing, as it utilises the pigments naturally found in plants without the need for synthetic dyes. It offers a creative and sustainable way to express the beauty of nature into our artistic and crafting projects in a very direct way.  

I do sometimes think the kids have more fun than we do.   Hands up who would like a re-run of this session for the grown ups? 

flower and leaf imprints with embroidery and a string of beads

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