Summer 2022 – Children’s activities at Stitching Kitchen

kids club 22

Summer 2022 has been a hot one so far, and has also been our busiest holiday clubs to date.  We kicked off with a very busy session with the children making felt birds, weaving and making cushions and scrunchies on the sewing machine.

Children hand stitching
Kids club at Stitching Kitchen, children sewing birds with felt by hand.

The next session was a little bit quieter and so we had time to make owls from felt and also create some rather special lanyards covered in buttons – a brilliant way to build your sewing on button skills (often left to the last minute on a dressmaking project).

Children learning to weave
Kids Club at Stitching Kitchen, learning to weave on a lap loom

I also have the pleasure of a grandmother, granddaughter team where the young lady made a pair of pyjama shorts in just 2 and a half hours!

Finished PJ Shorts
Sewing with Children, making PJ shorts

Her grandmother spent her time tracing a pattern for a dungaree version of the trousers I made for my holiday earlier in the summer – I can’t wait to see how they turned out as I loved the fabric she had chosen.

And this week I had two thirteen year olds who couldn’t make the Monday sessions so had a private session instead.

Cutting out fabric
Teens sewing, cutting out fabric

In just two hours they learnt how to thread a bobbin and the sewing machine.  They measured out fabric and traced a pattern to create a scrunchie and an eye mask during the workshop.  Both now have skills to continue sewing at home.

Teens sewing eyemasks and scrunchies
Teens sewing eyemasks and scrunchies

There are two more sessions left for this summers holiday club, if you would like your child to join you had better book now!