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Flower Pounding at After School Club

Recently at after school club Sonia had the children investigating the art of flower pounding.  This craft is exactly what it sounds like, the process of transferring the natural pigments and colours of flowers and plants onto fabric or paper through the use of a hammer or mallet. During the session fresh flowers and leaves […]

Community Art Project with NPHT

We are very excited to be hosting the National Paralympic Heritage Trust with a community art project with the theme of costume designer, opening and closing ceremonies.  With a focus on use of textiles – flags and colours. We will have two evening sessions in April.  The first on Monday 17th April 2023 where we […]

Sewing Machines – what to buy?

I am often asked which sewing machine or brand do you recommend. As I am sure you have gathered I am totally into recycling and reusing so I would always go for a second hand machine over a new one, but I know that this is a risky approach if you have no experience. ** […]

Judging an Embroidery Challenge

Last week I had a call from a fellow embroiderer who has been running a challenge in her embroidery group which was due to be judged by a ‘well known textile artist’.  Unfortunately due to the excessive heat and poor health the artist was unable to make it.  “Could I step in?? There is tea […]

Festival of Quilts 2021

It was an eagerly anticipated event: lots of concern as to whether or not the organisers would be able to go ahead, due to the Covid-19 rules constantly changing in the months running up to July. I was so pleased that it went ahead in the end. It was the first real exhibition / event […]